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Past Medical History

Diabetes Mellitus
High blood pressure
how long/medication:
Heart disease
explain ...
Liver disease
explain ...
Kidney impairment
explain ...
Bleeding disorders
explain ...
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
explain ...
explain ...
Skin disorders
explain ...
Infectious disorders (Hepatitis, HIV)
Previous operations
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Previous anaesthesia
any problems..
Previous long-term hospitalization



Could you be pregnant?
Previous pregnancies
Number of children
Mode of child birth


Drug History

Regular medications
Any current medication?
Any known drug allergies?
Any herbal / over the counter medication?


Family History

Any history of bleeding disorders if yes, explain:
Any history of breast disorders if yes, explain:
Any history of other disorders if yes, explain:


Current Medical History

Are you currently seeking any active form of treatment?


Social History

Smoking if yes how many daily:
Alcohol    if yes how many units weekly:
Recreational drugs if yes how often:
Exercise level
Home circumstance
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