Patient Advise

1. Please ensure you are not on aspirin or medications containing aspirin, as well as any anti-inflammatory or herbal supplements for at least two weeks prior to surgery. You can always ask your doctor for advice regarding which medications may complicate an operation.

2. You must TRY and avoid smoking at least for a couple of weeks before and after the procedure as smoking will hinder your healing and may complicate your recovery.

3. If you feel you are developing any signs of a cold or infection within the week prior to your

surgery, please contact us as soon as you can. It may be necessary to postpone your treatment until after you have fully recovered.

4. If you are undergoing treatment using just LOCAL anaesthesia, you may have a light breakfast.

5. If you are to go under GENERAL anaesthesia then please ensure you are fasting on the day of operation. That means NO food or drink from midnight prior to day of surgery surgery.

6. Make sure you are wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Bring a gown, a pair of slipper and your tooth brush.

7. It is best if you arrive at the hospital without any jewellery or make up, or at least please remove your make up prior to surgery.

8. It is a good if you try and drink plenty of fluids one day before surgery.